Louis Vuitton Damier

Inspired by the Japanese checkered pattern, Louis Vuitton ‘s Damier Line features an adult-inspired design .
Its history is older than the monogram line, and in 1888 Georges Vuitton devised a design with Louis Vuitton inscription on a beige x brown chess board.
However, even though it was registered as a trademark, it was a simple pattern, so copy products were circulated, and since the monogram line became the main product of Vuitton, it was discontinued.

However, in 1996, reprinted as a limited edition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Monogram.
In 1998, Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear designer Marc Jacobs made it a classic line.

High quality Egyptian cotton with a vinyl chloride finish on the surface is also used for monogram lines, and the color is also beige and brown.
The price and silhouette are basically the same as the monogram line, but the design is completely different.

Inside the Damier bag, a bright red Alcantara material is used.
This Alcantara material is an artificial suede made by tying about 1 / 100th of a thin fiber in the same structure as natural suede.

In 2007, bright white and blue Damier Azul appeared.
In 2008, chic black x gray Damier Graphite appeared.
In addition, the traditional beige x brown model is officially named Damier Ebenu, but this model is simply referred to as Damier.
In addition, there are collections such as Damier Jean of different materials .

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